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Up Bank

I’ve been taking a look into how our banking apps might change in the future. They have been getting smarter, but mostly your app is still a record of your transactions. but There’s are soem cool things you can come up with once you start to connect apps together and automate things. 

Up are working on an API that will enable payments and transfers on behalf of users. 

These examples are somewhere off in the future… Eg a fitness tracking app could recognise when you ride your bike to work instead of taking the tram and the API tells your bank to transfer the unused tram fare to a savings account. 

Or the rules could trigger “some crazy mash up of investing and spending” so every time you buy a burger at McDonalds, the app rounds up your spending to invest a small amount into a fractional share of the fast food company. 

Spotify has announced a new way for podcasters to blend real, honest to goodness music, with podcasts.

Using Anchor, a podcast creation tool that Spotify purchased last year.

the new shows will be available only to Spotify Premium subscribers, not users on the free ad-supported tier

Because of the limited reach, this really is for podcasters who want to live within Spotify’s walled garden, but if you’ve ever wanted to host your own love-song dedications program, or create a series on your favourite artist, have at it 

this concept is something i wrote about back in 2013! I wanted apple to do it then cos they were the only company with a music service and a podcast service… 

this is slightly different, i wanted client side – ie: mix my fave pods with my 5 star songs – which Spotify already do with My Daily Drive

Spotify is out-innovating Apple in the podcast space

Dropbox goes ‘Virtual first’ for remote working 

Dropbox announced yesterday its a ‘virtual first’ company. What’s that mean? 

remote work is the primary experience for workers. It’s a policy and set of rules that will clear up the ambiguity around a hybrid remote-office setup. 

Introduce non-linear workdays by setting core collaboration hours (9am – 1pm). Outside of these hours employees can run their own schedule. 

Offices will be turned into ‘hubs’ – for meeting up, not for daily work. 

I’d say we are still earlier in the remote work experiment and many households haven’t had a proper experience, if they’ve been performing childcare etc. 

Ever going back to the office? I think policies are one thing and how humans actually behave will be another… 

Microsoft AI for Image captions

Microsoft is often forgotten when talking about AI, because their tech is mainly used in the background, server side – rather than obvious consumer facing products like Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, but the company is the quiet achiever, kicking goals with transcription (now available in office 365, and now with Image captioning

Why does it matter? Not only does image capturing improve search – but think about this, when was the last time you captioned an image on Twitter or Facebook? 

I never remember to, which means my posts are not accessible by visually impaired users. If Microsoft can license this tech to the social media giants, the experience for visually impaired users will increase