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Here’s a novel solution to our dependence on Facebook’s apps…

The Guardian has picked up a new proposal that the ABC aught to run its own social media platform. 

A publicly funded social network run by the ABC has been floated as one possible response if Facebook and Google limit services in Australia when the mandatory news code becomes law this year. To which Google and Facebook have threatened to limit their services. 

The proposal for a platform hosted by the ABC is among a raft of risk mitigation proposals in a report commissioned by the Centre for Responsible Technology, “Tech-Xit: Can Australia survive without Google and Facebook?”

It should be noted that this report is from an independent think tank, and not the ABC itself. 

My thoughts: as if you’d want to go anywhere near this mess and the problems that plague social media networks. But interesting to ask, is social media a utility? I mean then you just Have Nextdoor, which is all missing cats and what do I do about these cockroaches.

Ben Thompson breaks down the response of Twitter and Facebook to the NY Post Story

Last week, The NY Post ran a story on Hunter Biden, 

On the face of it, Twitter’s reaction seemed stronger, but in a 4000 word blog post, Ben Thompson of Stratechery argues they did more bad than good. 

The story was so flimsy it was rejected by Fox News, but Ben thinks the social media response has created a Streisand effect, bringing more people to the story 

He compares it to “hillary’s emails” where the substance of the story is far less important than it being run as snackable headlines

For a short version, try

E commerce boom in COVID times

Guess which was the busiest ecommerce month of the year? 

Some stats: X was the biggest month in Australia’s online shopping history, up over 85 per cent nationally and up 170 per cent in Victoria year-over-year.

That’s nearly 10 % higher than the 2019 pre-Christmas peak, 31 days from mid-November to mid-December last year. 

Between April and the end of August, Australia Post has delivered over 2 million passes on 53 days. For the same period the year prior, didn’t have a single day of 2 million parcels. 

Two speed market – winners & losers. Travel – a loser, grocery, beauty Home & garden all winners 

Anyone that had digital and Service level agreements in place with their partners to scale up 

there’s nearly 1 million new households shopping online, and that behaviour is expected to stick 

Internet of things killing the NBN?

John Davidson of the Australian Financial Review shares a telsyte report about the surge in IoT purchases as Australians spend more time at home 

Looks like Australians are nesting with tech, spending up on internet connected light globes, doorbells and security cameras, as well as smart speakers

Comments from the reports author in the article suggest Australians on a “low NBN plan” may feel the strain on their network with all these new devices. 

While I agree the NBN sucks, I think the average 25/5 is fine for IOT, and the problem may be your router.