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First big development in the case to break up big tech

  • The Justice Department filed a long-awaited antitrust lawsuit alleging that Google uses anticompetitive tactics to preserve a monopoly for its flagship search engine and related advertising business, illegally stifling potential competition.
  • It’s the biggest anti-trust case since Microsoft back in 1998
  • Joining the feds are attorneys general from 11 states. Interestingly, all states are republicaan Conspicuously absent from that group are dozens more AGs comprising a bipartisan coalition of nearly every top state prosecutor in the country that has been investigating the company on antitrust grounds for more than a year.
  • That doesn’t mean the other AGs oppose bringing antitrust action against Google. The remaining states may want to move ahead with separate legal actions and join the case later, DOJ officials told reporters Tuesday, and the agency doesn’t take their sitting out the initial filing as “non-support.”
  • Google says the Justice Department’s lawsuit alleging competitive abuses is “deeply flawed” and would fail to help consumers.
  • From Google’s blog:
  • We understand that with our success comes scrutiny, but we stand by our position. American antitrust law is designed to promote innovation and help consumers, not tilt the playing field in favor of particular competitors or make it harder for people to get the services they want. We’re confident that a court will conclude that this suit doesn’t square with either the facts or the law. 

Photoshop 21 includes a mind melting neural filters, allowing you to adjust the lighting, age, mood of a person in a photo

  • Some of this was expected, as modern phones already include lightning changes -but the adjustability here is nuts 
  • Tweet
  • Premiere Pro
  • Automatic speech-to-text caption generation in 12 languages, including translation.

Earnings day! Snap and Netflix report earnings

  • Netflix experienced explosive growth during the first half of the year. It wasn’t expected to match that growth this quarter, when lockdowns lifted and after new competitive services had launched, but analysts were still expecting it to meet expectations of at least 3.3 million net new global subscribers.
  • So while more people are joining and binging Netflix, the company is still spending crazy amounts of money to acquire new users, including their amazing new Europe studio designed to pump out content across a bunch of languages
  • Criminal is the beta test of this studio 
  • Meanwhile, Snap’s stock price shot up by more than 23% in after-hours trading Tuesday after the company posted Q3 results that beat analyst estimates.
  • Advertisers are back! From Snap “As businesses adapted and began to look for opportunities to increase their marketing budgets in Q3, we were pleased to see existing advertisers resume and even increase their budgets, as well as new advertisers allocate spend to drive real business value via our self-serve ad platform,” chief business officer Jeremi Gorman said in prepared remarks.
  • An increases in users and it didn’t lose as much money as last year. 

iPhone 12 reviews are out

  • The nerds at Macrumours have a handy rundown of the reviews. 
  • The Verge: Overall, though, this design just feels more elegant and confident than the past few years of iPhones, including even the big iPhone X redesign. And the smaller size is the best part; the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 always felt just a little too big. If this is the design we’ll be living with for the next six years, I won’t complain.The Verge: “
  • Overall it was a modest imporvement with stills – except in low light. 
  • I mentioned last week that the video capabilities of the Pro – dobly HDR 10bit, sounded amazing. To see it in full flight: 
  • Marques Brownlee shows the magnets of magsafe arent that strong…