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We weren’t the only ones watching AOC on Twitch yesterday – the NY congresswoman clocked up over 400k views on Twitch, making her video the 3rd most streamed event in Twitch’s history

The stream peaked at 439,000 views, making it the third-highest-viewed single stream in Twitch history. The all-time record is Ninja’s, when he teamed up with Drake and Travis Scott in a game of Fortnite. Viewership ranged from 300,000 to 400,000 for most of the stream.

In sad news, parenting forum Essential Baby is being shut down after twenty years

I find this really sad – so many of my friends are people i made on forums in the early oughts 

the fact that 20 years of advice could disappear at the end of the week is really troubling. 

ASX debuts for ecom companies

Adore Beauty and MyDeal listing on ASX today and tomorrow. 

18 months ago ecommerce companies were valued at EBIDTA – now these businesses are being valued at a multiple of revenue 

Pour one out for Quibi, the video platform you never heard of

A team of writers at the Wall Street Journal are reporting “Quibi Holdings LLC is shutting down, according to people familiar with the matter, a crash landing for a once-highflying entertainment startup that attracted some of the biggest names in Hollywood and had looked to revolutionise how people consume entertainment.

What the hell was Quibi? Besides the terrible name, it was a short clip video service. The technology “break through” was how the video played in both landscape and vertical…

because of this, it touted itself as the first “true mobile first” video experience, which seemed laughable, as tiktok and youtube and instagram were pretty damn mobile already

Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman have confirmed the news in a medium post

And yet, Quibi is not succeeding. Likely for one of two reasons: because the idea itself wasn’t strong enough to justify a standalone streaming service or because of our timing.

Unfortunately, we will never know but we suspect it’s been a combination of the two. The circumstances of launching during a pandemic is something we could have never imagined but other businesses have faced these unprecedented challenges and have found their way through it. We were not able to do so.