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A busy weekend at Facebook,

firstly, the social media giant is upset with academics who are seeking to study the platform without its permission.

Facebook is demanding that a New York University research project stop collecting data about its political-ad-targeting practices.

The dispute involves the NYU Ad Observatory, a project launched last month by the university’s engineering school that has recruited more than 6,500 volunteers to use a specially designed browser extension to collect data about the political ads Facebook shows them.

Facebook says the project violates its T&Cs – that prohibit bulk data collection from its site. 

While preparing for a post election shitshow 

The WSJ reports Facebook is considering releasing new tools following the US election to turn down the heat. 

Previously used in countries including Sri Lanka and Myanmar, the tools could alter what tens of millions of Americans see when they log onto the platform, diminishing their exposure to sensationalism, calls to violence and misinformation

The emergency measures include slowing the spread of viral content and lowering the bar for suppressing potentially inflammatory posts,

Github removes youtube-dl

the very popular command line project allowed users to download full quality youtube, iview, 

gtihub is owned by microsoft 

Where’s my self driving car?

The Verge reports, Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ beta is here, and it looks scary as hell 

last week Tesla released a beta, or test version, of what it calls a “Full Self Driving” software upgrade to an undisclosed number of “expert, careful” drivers. What could go wrong? 

The U.S. auto safety regulator said its heeping an eye on the program. “NHTSA has been briefed on Tesla’s new feature, which represents an expansion of its existing driver assistance system. . The agency will monitor the new technology closely and will not hesitate to take action to protect (the) public against unreasonable risks to safety,”

The riskis that Tesla’s customers will ignore the company’s warnings and not supervise it. Humans are very bad at passively monitoring something 

Video games help soldiers with PTSD

The huge marine holding a cherry red Nintendo DS just killed me…

Survey of Australians attitude toward gaming