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Facebook announced the launch of cloud gaming, making it possible for its web and Android users to try out free-to-play games without leaving the social network.

It’s available on Facebook’s desktop website and Android app but not to iOS due to Apple’s “arbitrary” policies. The exclusion of Apple devices from Facebook cloud gaming is the latest shot fired in a long-running feud between the companies.

Are these games any good? 

App store rules? 

& Facebook keeping users inside its ecosystem. 

Just 17 people found with covidsafe that wouldn’t have been found otherwise

But given Australia had recorded 27,520 cases of COVID-19 and uncovered hundreds of thousands of close contacts, the app was clearly ineffective.


Priya Dev is a technologist, data scientist and researcher in digital assets at the Australian National University’s College of Business and Economics. She was recently booted off a university panel on the app for being too critical. Yesterday she wrote a blistering editiorial for the Financial Review:

When I was removed from a university panel discussion about the COVIDSafe contact-tracing app, it brought to my mind the folktale The Emperor’s New Clothes, a story of profit and pride.

The story is of an emperor who is conned into purchasing an imaginary suit that only worthy people can see. Everyone maintains the illusion of the emperor’s suit because speaking the truth would reveal them to be fools.

Melbourne Startup Linktree has raised $15 million AUD 

Natasha Gillezeau of AFR reports:

Linktree’s founders created the platform as a side hustle to their digital agency Bolster in 2016, to solve their clients’ problems finding a quick way of funnelling their social media followers towards different parts of their internet presence.

A lot of people would say ‘build it with scale from the start’, but I think the way we went about building it made us focus so much on the product, Mr Zaccaria said.

We added bit by bit, solved problems and really tested it, rather than trying to move too quickly and use marketing to drive growth in a way that wouldn’t have been sustainable.

New Airpods!

Bloomberg is paywalled, so from The Verge:

According to the report, Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro could ditch the stem that has been a hallmark of the AirPods’ design since their introduction in 2016. They’ll reportedly still feature noise-cancellation, but with a design that’s more similar to the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Plus, or Google’s Pixel Buds. Fitting everything into a smaller housing has been a challenge for the company, Bloomberg reports, meaning this design could change.

The entry-level AirPods, meanwhile, will reportedly adopt elements of the AirPods Pro’s design, with a shorter stem and replaceable ear-tips. Better battery life is also said to be on the way. The third-generation earbuds, which follow the second-gen model from March 2019, could be announced as early as the first half of next year, Bloomberg notes.