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Apple Earnings

Apple Inc. AAPL 3.71% benefited from a significant uptick in sales of laptops and iPads due to the pandemic, even as quarterly iPhone sales fell from a year earlier after a delay in the launch of the company’s flagship new smartphone.

iPhone sales down 28% yoy – 

Before the pandemic, the bright spot of Apple’s business had been its services unit, which had more than doubled in fiscal 2019 compared with five years earlier. It rose 16% in the most recent quarter to $14.5 billion.

Google Earnings

Google’s parent company Alphabet announced that it earned net income of $7 billion on revenues of $40.5 billion for the quarter ending September 30. That revenue figure is a gain of 20 percent year-over-year.

“We had a strong quarter, consistent with the broader online environment,” Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said. “It’s also a testament to the deep investments we’ve made in AI and other technologies, to deliver services that people turn to for help, in moments big and small.”

83.4 percent of Google’s revenues were derived from advertising.


Even without Prime Day, Amazon had a blockbuster quarter. Its net income nearly tripled from this time last year, as retail store closures and coronavirus restrictions encouraged people to spend big online. In its earnings report today, Amazon said it made $6.33 billion in net income, up from $2.13 billion during the same quarter a year earlier.

Amazon’s “other” category, which mostly covers the company’s advertising business, was up 51% to $5.4 billion in revenue.


Revenue in the three months ended in September rose to $21.47 billion, yielding EPS of $2.71.

Daily average users rose to 1.82 billion, while monthly average users rose to 2.74 billion. That compares to increases of 12% for each of DAUs and MAUs in the prior quarter.


Twitter beat out analyst expectations on revenue and net income; However, Wall Street was stuck on Twitter’s user user figures, which showed minimal growth and sent shares lower in after-market trading. 


The streaming service had added 6 million subscribers in Q3 to achieve a total 144 million paying customers across 320 million active users, but fell short on both sales and earnings, driving the stock lower.

COVIDSafe Panel

Some of the leading researchers who have been srutinising the CovidSafe app appeared on a panel yesterday. 

Consensus was that the app hadn’t proven incredibly effective, there had been some bug fixes but they still havent seen the server code and that fact it wasn’t developed alongside the state-based contact tracers was a major downfall. Also discussed if we should be scrapping it and moving to the Google-Apple framework. And raised concerns about all those QR codes you’ve been scanning 

Graham Greenleaf, professor of law and information systems at the University of New South Wales summed up the dilemma: 

“We’ve got a genuinely voluntary CovidSafe app with Australia’s strongest privacy policy protections, but it’s now largely ignored because it’s been shown to be ineffective. 

“In contrast, we have semi-compulsory QR codes which have no effective privacy regulation but look like they’re going to be here for quite a few years to come.” 

Friday Review Roundup 

Google TV is Trevor Long’s product of the year! 

Video game Watch Dogs: Legion is getting mixed reviews 

On the positive- the recreation of London is amazing, so if you just want to pretend to travel, you might enjoy it. People also praised the weird new mechanic that allows you to jump from any person in the game – but some felt that no central character meant the story suffered. Anyway, I’m planning on playing the crap out of it tomorrow. 

Kim K turned 40 this week and gifted the internet new memes!

Firstly her private island tweet and this morning sharing a hologram of her late father that Kayne had made for her birthday.