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A public Facebook group pushing false claims about voter fraud and Democrats trying to “steal” the U.S. election rapidly swelled to more than 325,000 members on Thursday, a day after it was created. Adding 1,000 new members every 10 seconds

Facebook has since shut the group down:

However, when new members join they are asked if they have signed up for updates from a companion website, “in the event that social media censors this group.” So the group couldve just moved to Telegram or Whatsapp 

Following on from yesterday, Facebook is no longer allowing Trump and friends to fraudulently claim states on the platform

Staying with Facebook, Buzzfeed reveals the company has an internal measurement on “Violence And Incitement Trends” – as expected, the number has jumped since the election 

The internal metric, which has not previously been reported, had been at around a score of 400 on Oct. 31. It rose to a 24-hour average of nearly 580 as of Thursday morning (US time)

And while Twitter and Facebook continue to push back on misinformation, Youtube is ignoring some blantant lies in live streaming channels.

Conservative pundit Steven Crowder got 3.5 million views on a 5-hour live stream in which he promoted various debunked voter fraud claims, Kevin Roose noted at the New York Times.

Although, credit where it’s due, Youtube has just removed a video in which former Trump aide Steve Bannon called for the beheading of Anthony Fauci and the head of the FBI. 

Bannon said their heads should be put on spikes at either end of the whitehouse, as a warning to other officials to “get with the program”

Twitter has suspended Bannon’s Twitter account, following the incident. 

And if you really want to see all the lies, misinformation and outright fraud at the moment, Buzzfeed has a great running tally:

And for those who missed it, Trump again announced victory if you “count the legal votes” 

Lets turn to happier news… 

DJI has announced the Mavic Mini 2, bringing 4k cameras to its smallest drone. 

The Mini 2 seems a better drone all round, with new flight modes and longer flight times. 

It’s an Impressive update to the drone, considering DJI has no real competition in the consumer drone space.The Mavic mini 2 is the same price as the original, $750

iOS 14.2 is out, with secuirty fixes and support for the new HomePod Mini. But the big draw to update for most people will be 100 new emoji, including gender-inclusive bride and groom emoji

There’s also new controllers for Airpods battery, designed to keep the battery lasting a little longer, with smart charging features

There’s also a new option to provide statistics about Exposure Notifications, without identifying you, to participating Public Health Authorities” – could this be enough for COVIDSafe to adopt? 

And a bit of gaming news to end the week 

The XBox embargo broke today, and reviews are quite positive for the next gen console. 

The Xbox is being praised for its very fast loading times, thanks to a screaming fast ssd inside. 

Also impressive was how silent the machine is – my PS4 sounds like a jet engine in comparision, i couldnt hear anything from the Xbox even under stress 

The sticking point, there are no real blockbuster games available at launch, with Halo delayed. The games that are available look amazing, but there’s not must have. 

Reviewers who had a large back catalogue of Xbox games were impressed with the upscaling of their favourite older titles – but I had few games to play. 

Set up is much improved, you pretty much do it all from a smartphone app, including buying games and stuff. Makes it so much easier. 

And Nintendo has announced it has now sold 68million Nintendo Switches. Sales of the console had year over year increase of 40%

That’s not surprising, as we were entering lockdown units of the family friendly console were impossible to find, some going for 3x RRP on eBay