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Vaccine news hurts tech stock

Zoom’s share price may have peaked. Tech crunch reports, “Stock markets worldwide are soaring on news that a vaccine candidate is 90% effective at preventing COVID-19, and could start coming to market in a matter of months. But while the euphoria is helping sectors that have taken punishment during COVID-19, not all companies are catching the same updraft.”

Stock gainers today:

Carnival Cruises: +40%

Royal Caribbean: +31%

Host Hotels: +30%

Wynn Resorts: +29%

Marriott: +22%

United Airlines +24%

Expedia: +22%

Stock decliners today:

Amazon: -5%

Domino’s Pizza: -7%

Netflix: -9%

Docusign: -11%

Zoom: -17%

Etsy: -20%

Peloton: -23%

This is just one random day of activities that no one will remember, but it could mark the start of the post-covid optimism. Where we will see what consumer behaviours stick, and which ones we immediately drop.

iPhone Max and Mini reviews hit

Joanna Stern is my favourtie consumer tech reviewer, and her video at the Wall Street Journal is great as always.

You can see why the arrival of the iPhone 12 Mini—a phone sized to fit the appendages you actually hold it with—is such an anatomically historical event.

Meanhwhile, the Verge is blown away by the camera in the Max, but they question if the device is just too damn big to carry.

The Verge’s Nilay Patel believes the iPhone 12 Pro Max has “the best smartphone camera you can get,” noting that photos shot on the device “are generally less noisy” than those shot on the iPhone 12 Pro.

“The combination of the size and flat sides basically demands a case to make it easier to hold, which makes the whole thing even bigger. It’s still workable, but it is right on the edge of being too big. I think the size is a reflection of increased choice: this year Apple has more phone sizes available than ever before, including the diminutive iPhone 12 mini, so it had the ability to push the Max even farther.”

Netflix is testing “Netflix Direct” in France

Netflix has chosen France to test its first TV-like channel offering, Variety reports

Named Direct, the linear channel — which is only available to subscribers — will air French, international and U.S. feature films and TV series that are available on the streaming service.

The initiative marks Netflix’s first foray into real-time, scheduled programming. Variety reports, The service previously tested the option Shuffle Play, which wasn’t in real time but featured recommended programming to a sample of international users A explained a source at Netflix. The difference this time around is that the test is being localized in one country, rather than a sample of users.

Relatively “cheap” EV vehicle coming to Australia

The new 2021 MG ZS EV will be offered in Australia from a lower-than-expected $40,990 before on-road costs, with a national drive-away price of $43,99

Hyundai Ioniq Electric was the cheapest EV until now, at $48,970

EV sales accounted for 0.6% of car sales last year, but that was still a 200% yoy increase

68% of consumers want government subsidies to reduce the cost of buying an EV