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Apple Announces new M1 chip, and New Macs

EU Accuses Amazon of Breaching AntiTrust Rules 

  • The EU files antitrust charges against Amazon, citing concerns over the company operating as both a marketplace and a retailer
  • The EU has hit Amazon with formal antitrust charges over its treatment of the 150,000 European merchants selling goods through its website.
  • Margrethe Vestager, who oversees the EU’s competition policy, outlined two sets of concerns against the world’s dominant online retailer. – Amazon has used non-public data from its website to advantage its own products &  Amazon gives preferential treatment to marketplace sellers who pay for specific services
  • After a year-long probe, the European Commission reached the preliminary view that Amazon breached EU competition rules by using non-public data it gathers on sales on its website to boost its own-label products and services.


Parler, a Right Wing Twitter Clone, has topped the App Store since election day


Reviews of the PS5 are coming In

  • And surprise! They read exactly like the Xbox Series X Reviews
  • Much Better load times from a faster SSD
  • Completely silent under load
  • Where the consoles diverge: 
  • Reviewers miss the “quick resume” feature of the Xbox
  • The dual shock controller is excellent, with some interesting new haptic features
  • And Sony has one tentpole exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – which is getting universally good reviews – sitting on 85% on Metacritic 
  • The Verge has a good explainer on ray-tracing