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New M1 Mac Reviews: 

Faster video and audio editing, encoding 

Crazy battery life 

Rosetta 2 shows no tax to the system 

Staying with Apple, and Epic Games is suing Apple in Australia

Epic Games is Now Suing Apple in Australia

AT Gizmodo, Tegan Jones writes “Epic is claiming that Apple’s refusal to allow alternative payment options on its platforms, such as the App Store, is a breach of Australian consumer law.

“This is much bigger than Epic versus Apple – it goes to the heart of whether consumers and creators can do business together directly on mobile platforms or are forced to use monopoly channels against wishes and interests,” Epic founder and CEO, Tim Sweeney, said in a statement.

The games company is also suing Apple in the US.

Google and Facebook Law Enforcement Requests

Lisa Visentin in SMH: “Facebook and Google are rejecting one in five data disclosure requests from Australian law enforcement bodies, amid rising concerns among security agencies about platforms adopting end-to-end encryption.

The tech giants defended their data disclosure practices at a parliamentary inquiry on Tuesday, where they were also grilled about the adequacy of their measures to protect users from abusive content on their platforms

Both Google and Facebook said they rejected about 20 per cent of data disclosure requests from Australian law enforcement agencies in 2019 on the grounds the requests were too broad or had no legal basis.” 

Twitter Trying to make Fleets Happen

Twitter launches disappearing ‘fleets’ worldwide – Software 

 Twitter’s “Fleets” feature is now rolling out to all iOS and Android users. Despite Twitter marketing Fleets as “disappearing” Tweets, they’re really yet another version of the popular “stories” feature found on most social media platforms 

It’s always fun watching companies announce something that is so clearly a rip off of something else, and bend over backwards to pretend they came up with the idea themselves.