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UberEats rider Bijoy Paul killed in incident on Sydney road

  • 5 food delivery rider to die on Australian roads in the past three months. 

Another apology from Facebook 

Facebook apologises for misleading advertisers

  • Facebook has said sorry to Australian advertisers for miscalculating metrics such as how many people clicked on an ad or how much users prefer one advertiser over another. 
  • The social media giant is giving free “credits” to multiple local advertisers to make up for the stuff up. 
  • Zoe Samios reports, A Facebook spokeswoman claimed it had affected 0.1 per cent of the local advertising market, but multiple industry sources said that a number of companies across large advertising agencies were affected. 
  • The incident casts further doubt over the accuracy of the way Facebook measures its own performance. 

France Postpones Black Friday 

  • The giant sale is scheduled for Friday 27th of November and by now you’ve probably received some marketing emails in your inbox. But the French will have to wait a little longer to indulge in the festive consumerism. 
  • The NYT reports, The French government declared it was postponing Black Friday, as it moved to quell a nationwide rebellion by shopkeepers who say that Amazon has been stealing business from them during France’s coronavirus lockdown.
  • Amazon has agreed to the delay and the sale, which it popularised in Europe, will be pushed back by a week, to Dec. 4 with restrictions planned to lift on Dec the first. 
  • The pandemic has solidified Amazon’s dominance in the retail sector, while small businesses have been getting crushed. 
  • FWIW, these are made up events and can be changed therefore I’d like Australian retailers to pick a new name for the sale. Call it five weeks until Christmas… 

Inside YouTube’s plan to win the music-streaming wars

  • Protocol has an interesting report on Youtube’s strategy to win the music streaming wars. 
  • “Not that long ago, YouTube was at best a frenemy to the music industry. It would gleefully announce the billions it was paying in royalties, only for industry bodies to call it the single biggest threat to the music industry.” 
  • Youtube Music has been hampered by a confused roll out of tiers and services 
  • It has spent the last couple years building and improving the YouTube Music service, developing its very own $10-a-month premium streaming app. 
  •  30 million music and premium paid subscribers — 35 million, including free trials
  • Spotify has 138m paid, 300m overall – Apple Music 72m with no free tier