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ABC and SBS added to Mandatory News Code 

  • The ABC and SBS have been added to the draft code of the federal government’s bill, that seeks to force Google and Facebook to pay news publishers for their content
  • Labor, the Greens and several crossbenchers suggested the ABC and SBS should be added to the ranks of Australian news publishers to benefit from the code
  • If passed, the legislation would force Google and Facebook to share revenue from news links with news publishers or pay hundreds of millions of dollars in fines.
  • Google was quick to create a new video of that woman on the bus explaining why the code was a bad idea… 

OANN suspended from YouTube after promoting a sham cure for Covid-19

  • YouTube has suspended the conservative news outlet One America News Network from posting new videos for a week and from making money off of its existing videos after it promoted a sham cure for Covid-19.
  • The video was removed under YouTube’s policies to prevent the spread of Covid-19 misinformation, which prohibit saying there is a guaranteed cure to the virus. 
  • OANN has been suspended for “repeated violations” of this policy, said a YouTube spokeswoman, Ivy Choi.
  • OANN has had remarkable growth following the US election, as many Trump voters and Trump himself accused Fox of costing him the election 
  • In the Trump orbit, Fox News has become too left leaning… 

Salesforce to Buy Slack? 

  • According to the Wall Street Journal, Salesforce is in “advanced stages” of purchasing Slack, the wildly popular workplace collaboration tool 
  • The companies could reach a deal within days—in time for Salesforce to report its third-quarter financial results on Tuesday
  • Slack is currently valued at 17b, and resisted selling to Microsoft four years ago. Microsoft went on to make Teams, a Slack-like competitor. 
  • With Microsoft out of the bidding, and Apple not interested, Salesforce could be the only company with both the cash on hand and the reason to purchase Slack 
  • While Slack has the name recognition of Zoom during lockdown, its stock has only modestly improved, while other remote work tools around it have skyrocketed 
  • This might suggest that Slack has exhausted its pool of paying customers 

Next Gen Console Wars Heat Up 

  • Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has been doing the media rounds hinting at upcoming features of the Xbox X. 
  • Specter hinted at new Smart Tv apps, that would allow users to play Xbox games over the company’s Xcloud service, with just a controller 
  • It cements Xbox’s current strategy of “play anywhere”, that see’s its games library and the library of EA titles, available on Xbox, PC and Smartphones. 
  • And while Phil said the Xbox is the most powerful console on the market, a story from The Verge says PS5 games are noticeably better than their Xbox counterparts 
  • While the Xbox 4k and ray tracing is generally superior, it seems to come at the cost of frame rates. 
  • Using games like Assassin’s Creed, Dirt and Call of Duty, the Xbox consistently slowed down the frame rate, with some screen tearing visible. 
  • But if you want a PS5, you’re out of luck, with Sony confirming the console is sold out worldwide. PlayStation’s Jim Ryan has a fascinating interview on developing the console during covid lockdown, which involved engineers hooking up microscopes to zoom calls…