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Facebook runs full page ads against Apple’s privacy rules

‘Don’t make Tiktok a political football’, begs app in full-page ads

  • Facebook is not concerned that privacy changes in iOS may threaten some of its revenue, rather, that it will mainly hurt small business. 
  • Apple spokeswoman said in a statement:
  • “Users should know when their data is being collected and shared across other apps and websites — and they should have the choice to allow that or not,” an “App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14 does not require Facebook to change its approach to tracking users and creating targeted advertising, it simply requires they give users a choice.”
  • Meanwhile, Facebook has said it will help fun Epic – the makers of Fortnite, an insanely popular video game which was recently blocked from the App store – in its legal fight with Apple 
  • Epic has yet to publicly respond to the offer. 
  • Whenever a company takes out a newspaper ad, they aren’t targeting you or me. For example, in Australia TikTok took out newspaper ads earlier this year saying “don’t make TikTok a political football” when there were concerns in Canberra over what the Chinese-owned app does with our data. 
  • A newspaper ad has more cut through with media and lawmakers than publishing a blog post 

Twitter says it will start removing COVID-19 vaccine misinformation

  • Twitter announced that it will remove tweets making false or misleading claims about COVID-19 vaccinations.
  • Any tweets claiming that vaccines “intentionally cause harm to control populations” or invoke conspiracy theories will be subject to removal, according to Twitter’s blog post. 
  • Tweets falsely suggesting that COVID-19 doesn’t exist or espouse “widely debunked” claims may also be removed. Enforcement of the new policy will begin next week.
  • The new rules expand on coronavirus-related policies put in place by Twitter earlier this year. 
  • In March, Twitter rolled out a COVID-19 tab in its Explore page and partnered with organizations like the World Health Organization to supply reputable coronavirus information on its platform.

Govt readies IT systems for Australia’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout 

Govt pours millions into Covid vaccine tracking systems 

  • So far this pandemic we’ve had the Covid Safe App and contacting tracing technology to talk about. The next tech story will be how the gov manages the large scale, high-demand vaccine roll-out 
  • It’s still early days in Australia so details are scarce but we know… 
  • the government has already engaged software and data specialists to set up systems to manage and track the logistics of its vaccination program so they know the location of vaccine stock at any time.
  • its 2020-21 mid-year economic and fiscal outlook (MYEFO) [pdf], the government has earmarked a total of $75 million over the next two years to support tracking and monitoring systems for the covid vaccine rollout, an ad campaign and the administration of the program. 
  • Logistics companies like Toll are working out how to scale up the systems they use to deliver 6 million flu vaccines to deliver 40-50 million doses of the C19 vax. 
  • The other change being made to Australia’s vaccine program- which is there are laws before parliament which will make it mandatory for you vaccine provider to report that data back to the gov. 
  • So Australians will be able to generate an immunisation certificate from their MyHealth Record or medicare online or app, or a GP will be able to print it out for you. 

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