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Intel’s new CEO is spooked by Apple’s M1 chip

Last week, CES announcements were dominated by laptops running chips from AMD and ARM. Intel was still inside many PCs and laptops, but the headlines went to Intel’s rivals… 

Amid the cover of CES, Intel’s CEO resigned. Intel’s new CEO, Pat Gelsinger doesn’t start his new role until February, but he attended an all hands meeting yesterday where he told Intel employees 

“We have to deliver better products to the PC ecosystem than any possible thing that a lifestyle company in Cupertino [makes]. We have to be that good, in the future.”

It’s a noble goal, but feels like one of those quotes that could haunt Gelsinger to his grave…  

Speaking of Apple’s M1 Chips… 

Apple rumour king, Mark Gurman had a raft of Apple product rumours over the weekend, involving said M1 chip 

Gurman says we can expect to see new M1 based iMacs in the coming months, with smaller bezels and a more streamlined look, based on a more powerful variant of the M1 chip 

That new chip is also expected in new 14” and 16” Macbook Pros – but for Apple fans the big news is Gurman expects these laptops to reintroduce Magsafe, and ditch the controversial touchbar. 

Finally, Gurman predicts a new mini Mac Pro and to go with it, a new retina monitor with a more realistic price point, than the current $8k XDR display 

Mac fans have commented and tweeted that this all sounds “too good to be true”… 

Your smartwatch knows you have covid before you do 

Smartwatches that continuously measure users’ heart rates, skin temperature and other physiological markers can help spot coronavirus infections days before an individual is diagnosed.

Devices like the Apple Watch, Garmin and Fitbit watches can predict whether an individual is positive for COVID-19 even before they are symptomatic or the virus is detectable by tests, according to studies from Mount Sinai Health System in New York. 

A separate study from Stanford, in which participants wore a variety of different activity trackers from Garmin, Fitbit, Apple found that 81% of coronavirus-positive participants experienced changes in their resting heart rates up to nine and a half days prior to the onset of symptoms.

Experts say wearable technology could play a vital role in stemming the pandemic and other communicable diseases.

And finally, it’s not even news at this stage, but Covidsafe did not detect a single case during the recent Christmas clusters

This period includes the South Australian Parafield outbreak starting in mid November, clusters in NSW on the Northern Beaches and Berala, and community transmission cases in Victoria.

A spokesperson for The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Victoria said that from 14 November, out of the 14 cases that had the app, it identified zero new contacts through the COVIDSafe data.


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