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Email from Jeff Bezos to employees

  • Jeff Bezos has informed Amazon staff he is stepping down as CEO, after 27 years running the company he founded 
  • In an email to staff he said he plans “to focus my energies and attention on new products and early initiatives” – ie, use his enormous wealth to hang out with hollywood celebs 
  • Taking over is the current head of AWS, Andy Jassy. This makes a lot of sense, as AWS went from a loss leader to one of the biggest services in the world, powering a lot of the sites you use every day. 
  • Who is Andy Jassy, Amazon’s next CEO?
  • CNBC has a nice rundown of Andy, “In September, a column in the Washington Post, which Bezos owns, called Jassy the “clear heir apparent” to Bezos.”

Microsoft’s Bing ready to step in if Google pulls search from Australia, minister says

  • Microsoft has jumped into the Media code story. 
  • On Monday, ScoMo joked he’d been on the blower to Satya Nadella, to discuss Bing filling the search engine void if Google left the market 
  • At present Microsoft’s search engine Bing enjoys only 3.7 per cent market share in Australia, compared with Google’s 94 per cent.

Google Rides Global Ad Recovery to Record Revenue

  • Google has reported its Quarterly earnings, and the company is doing alright 
  • Google parent Alphabet Inc posted a record $56.9 billion revenue, up from $43.2 billion a year ago. 
  • YouTube revenue soared 46% in the quarter, as advertisers flocked to the video-sharing platform amid the pandemic 
  • Alphabet’s “Other Bets” division, which is a combination of Google’s moonshot ideas, continues to burn money, but at a slower rate. The division lost $1.14 billion compared to $2.03 billion in Q4 2019. Alphabet reports Q4 2020 revenue of $56.9 billion

Google now gives you more information about the sites in your search results

  • Today, Google is adding a new menu item to virtually all search results in English in the U.S. on mobile, desktop and its Android Google app. This new link will provide searchers with more information about the site they are about to visit — and before they click on the actual link.
  • Clicking the new hamburger-style menu icon will pop up a new info panel with additional information about the site. These include a short description of what the site is about — taken from Wikipedia when available– and some data about whether the connection to the site is secure.
  • Could this be a precursor to explanations about ads? 

Tesla has been forced to recall 135k cars in the US

  • Tesla bows to pressure and recalls 135,000 cars in US
  • The bug affects 2012-2018 cars, where the giant screen that functions as the dashboard can blank out. 12k users have reported the issue. 
  • Tesla argues the malfunctioning dashboard is not a “safety concern”, despite the fact the screen is the only way to see things like indicators, or set the defroster and air con. 
  • Tesla’s godking Elon Musk has decided to take a break from tweeting for a while… 

iOS 14.5 will let Apple Watch owners unlock iPhones while wearing a mask

  • Apple is making unlocking a phone while wearing a mask a little less painful with the latest beta for iOS and Apple Watch
  • Owners of both devices will now be able to unlock their iPhone with their watch, without removing their mask 
  • As long as your watch is unlocked and on your wrist, your iPhone will unlock without prompting. 
  • Face ID still does a scan of your eyes, so someone cant just pick up your phone and access it, if you’re nearby 

And finally: What to do when i have sick kids? Theres a weird amount of time and effort put in to making a show this short! 

  • Should i record a solo show? 
  • Should we record a less formal show with less editing and maybe using our phones? 
  • Or should we bank the stories like we did today? 
  • Let me know on Twitter