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Poop Map’s splash screen

During the great Facebook News ban of 2021, The ABC’s News app climbed to the number one downloaded app in Australia, ironically replacing Facebook in the number one spot. 

Each day of the ban I’d re-check the charts to see whether order had been restored. Yesterday, the ABC news app had fallen but in its place was a new social network called Poop Map.

Poop Map is a social network where users, called “poopers”, “drop poops” on their location. As with most social networks, it has the ability to like and follow other users, and to comment on their poops. “Poopers” can even upload selfies to their poops.

The app is still number one at the time of writing

As you might guess, the app looks as though it was thrown together on a dare, over a weekend. And yet, Poop Map has a three year history, with 461 Australian reviews, with an average of 5 stars. To its credit, the app never asks to upload your contacts, so in that sense it’s a better iOS citizen than Clubhouse. 

This ABC journalist slept on the biggest story of the day.

Poop Map’s sudden rise in fame is clearly a joke, but it was fun researching nonetheless. Checking out the usual meme distribution points of reddit, and cross checking on Twitter Trending revealed some chatter but no major volume of Poop Map Tweets.

That’s because Poop Map’s popularity seems to be completely driven by young women on TikTok, lip syncing their love of the social media service.

The first TikTok video to go viral uploaded two days ago, and Poop Maps creator tweeted that it’s sudden surge in popularity was flagged as suspicious by Apple’s App Store, which briefly delisted the app.


wait till the end it gets better 😭😭😭😭 the app is poop map btw #fyp #poop

♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

Is Poop Map a comment on the vapidness of social media? Whatever, the people who gave the app fifteen minutes of fame are the same crowd that swamps trolls with Korean Pop and ruined a Trump Rally for fun. They seem a lot nicer than 8chan.

Users of the service seem to be in on the joke, and just 7 poopers shared their location publicly, across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Since being reinstated on the app is currently 7th in the United States, but has yet to enter the top ten in China, South Korea, or The United Kingdom.

Apple was reached for comment, seriously, but they declined.

Editors Note: While poo is the more common Australian English spelling, we have chosen to spell the app and its users as described in the app.