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Twitter announces paid Super Follows to let you charge for tweets

  • Twitter announced a pair of big upcoming features on Friday: the ability for users to charge their followers for access to additional content, and the ability to create and join groups based around specific interests. 
  • Super Follows will allow Twitter users to charge followers and give them access to extra content. 
  • That could be bonus tweets, access to a community group, subscription to a newsletter, or a badge indicating your support. In a mockup screenshot, Twitter showed an example where a user charges $4.99 per month to receive a series of perks.
  • Twitter also announced a new feature called Communities, which appear to be its take on something like Facebook Groups.
  • I’ve also been added to the Spaces thing, if you want to play with that. 

‘All the bones are there’: could a new electric vehicle be built in Australia?

  • An article in the Guardian suggests Australia could be building electric cars if it had the inclination and government support to do so 
  • According to the article, former car manufacturing plants in South Australia and Victoria have been left largely untouched since they produced petrol cars
  • These plants could be easily retooled to pump out evs for Australia
  • While critics say that Australian labour costs are too high, advocates for the plan say the actual work of manufacturing electric vehicles is half what it once was. Rather than “guys bending metal” it’s more about building the robots that build the cars – and with a highly educated workforce, Australia is highly competitive 

Former SolarWinds CEO blames intern for ‘solarwinds123’ password leak

  • We’ve talked about the SolarWinds hack – the security breach that saw access to critical infrastructure in the US, including water, electricity, hospital systems, and the US government payroll
  • The attack has been described as one of the most sophisticated attacks ever seen. Just last week we talked about the first parts of the attack starting up to 9 months before it was discovered
  • Well, in front of congress to explain the attacks, the former CEO put the initial blame on the attack to an intern who shared an internal password. That password, “solarwinds123” 
  • The password was discovered in 2019 on the public internet by an independent security researcher who warned the company that the leak had exposed a SolarWinds file server. The password was never changed. 
  • Katie Porter, who’s one of the most tech savvy representatives in Congress, said: 
  • “”I’ve got a stronger password than ‘solarwinds123’ to stop my kids from watching too much YouTube on their iPad. You and your company were supposed to be preventing the Russians from reading Defense Department emails!”

‘Hey Google’ Voice Command on Wear OS has Been Busted for Months

  • This is so depressing – the very first article i ever wrote on smh was along the lines of “Apple Watch has a huge battle against Google Wear, because Google’s voice assistant is so much better..” 
  • In other voice command news, Facebook is adding “Hey Facebook” as a command to wake up it’s portal devices and oculus Quest VR headsets.