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 Far-Right Platform Gab Has Been Hacked—Including Private Data

  • Following Twitter’s ban on Trump and Qanon, Parler and Gab became the two main PUBLIC platforms for displaced social media savvy racists. 
  • Parler was more talked about, because it only alluded to being a home for racists, whereas Gab proudly was 
  • In the weeks following, Parler was hacked, and then it was dropped by Amazon web hosting, knocking the site offline. 
  • Now Gab, which inherited some of Parler’s displaced users, has been badly hacked too.
  • Yesterday a group calling themselves the Distributed Denial of Secrets revealed what it calls GabLeaks, a collection of more than 70 gigabytes of Gab data representing more than 40 million posts
  • DDoSecrets cofounder Emma Best says that the hacked data includes not only all of Gab’s public posts and profiles—with the exception of any photos or videos uploaded to the site—but also private group and private individual account posts and messages, as well as user passwords and group passwords
  • The group has not made the dump public, instead, it will be sharing the information with journalists 


  • Instagram is launching “Live Rooms,” which allow up to four people to broadcast live together at the same time. 
  • Previously, the app only allowed users to live stream with one other person. 
  • The live broadcast formats to allow for things like live talk shows, expanded Q&A’s or interviews, jam sessions for musicians, live shopping experiences.
  • There will also be payments … fans can buy badges to support the hosts as well as use other interactive features like Shopping and Live Fundraisers.
  • The company says it’s also now developing other tools, like moderator controls and audio features that will roll out in the months to come.
  • It sounds a lot like Clubhouse, but with the video turned on. 

Period tracking app Clue is launching a digital contraceptive 

  • Clue is a period tracking app with around 13 million users
  • The company is working on a digital contraceptive which will offer users a statistical prediction of ovulation as a birth control tool.
  • The Berlin-based company says they’ve gained FDA clearance for the product, clearing the way for a US launch in 2021.
  • Basically, the app will take data on your cycle and show high risk days for falling pregnant. 
  • Period tracking apps already do that. But the company says their new method of calculating the fertile window is a more reliable model of contraception. 
  • Clue’s medical officer says “[The high risk window] will start out long… Usually it’ll be 16 days within the cycle — but it’ll shorten over time. It probably won’t shorten to more than 11 days.”
  • The ovulation prediction algorithm was put through a year-long independent clinical trial involving more than 700 women.
  • The data shows: Clue says the product has been shown to be 92% effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy under ‘typical use’ and 97% effective under ‘perfect use’ 
  • This is an insight into personalised health services that could become more common. 

ASX speeding tickets triple on social media-driven speculation 

GameStop, AMC, and other Reddit favorites climb as day traders look to reignite momentum  

  • Gamestop, the failing brick and mortar game store, and AMC, the failing cinema chain, are once again soaring on the stock exchange
  • These two stocks were pumped by redditors a few weeks back, and it looks like the group has found a new home for their musings, after the subReddit – slash – wallstreet bets was taken down 
  • Back home, and the Australian Securities Exchange has issued 63 “speeding tickets” on stocks in January, double the average for a month 
  • Speeding tickets a given out on stock when trading becomes too volatile, or looks like the stock is being influenced en masse
  • Despite the name, speeding tickets dont come with a fine, the ASX just halts trading until the company involved can explain why their stock might be going crazy