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Tinder will soon let you run a background check on a potential date

  • Tinder is working with a non-profit called Garbo to help customers find out if their potential dating partner has a criminal record.
  • How does it work? Garbo allows people to find out whether someone they are interacting with has a criminal record or other court actions, such as a restraining order with only their name & phone number. 
  • The service is expected to be integrated into Tinder later this year 
  • BUT Hack, which has been following the Tinder story, have confirmed the feature will not available in OZ 
  • Is this just another feature Tinder can charge its users for? 

News Corp Australia signs Facebook deal; Nine reaches agreement

  • And a follow up on yesterday’s Media Code story, Facebook has struck content deals with Australia’s two largest media companies — Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and Nine Entertainment.
  • Details are scarce … 
  • Nine, the owner of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, has also signed a letter of intent with the tech giant for use of its news articles, according to industry sources 
  • News Corp signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Facebook for use of news articles from publications such as The Australian, The Daily Telegraph and the Herald Sun and videos from Sky News Australia.
  • So that’s one less drama for Facebook to worry about.

  • The government will amend its controversial online safety bill in the Senate to provide more transparency over how the eSafety commissioner uses their powers, as well as greater review mechanisms over decisions made about content removal, Guardian Australia understands.
  • The Greens announced on Tuesday they would vote against the legislation.
  • Labor MP Tim Watts expressed concerns about the lack of oversight and transparency. Among the changes will be more reporting from the commissioner about how the powers are used, and an internal review scheme.
  • Opinion piece in the Saturday Paper 

Parliament Is Finally Starting To Understand Video Games

Alex Walker at Kotaku has penned a love letter to three federal Labor MPs. 

  • Increased noise and support for the video games industry, particularly from Labor MPs Susan Templeman, Josh Burns and Watts, is at least an encouraging sign. Watts’ support for the sector is well pronounced, but the other members have interesting touchpoints with the video game industry as well.
  • Burns electorate covers the main areas of Melbourne that house a lot of gaming companies
  • Templeman talked about games providing much needed entertainment and connection during the pandemic, and pointed out that 40% of gamers are over 65
  • Watts – Shadow Minister for Communications and Cyber Security is the most tech literate politician in the house

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