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Vaccine booking website frustrates users 

  • GP clinics were inundated with phone calls from people trying to book their Covid-10 vaccine yesterday after the federal government’s online booking website failed to launch.

  • Bookings opened for vaccinations for people in the 1b group yesterday, but the government’s booking page wouldn’t let anyone actually make a booking online.

  • The Guardian reports, “the booking website told them to call their nearest vaccinating clinic to book an appointment, receptionists had told them they could not take any bookings as they has not yet been told by the government how many doses they would be receiving.”

  • Many of those people waiting on hold were in their 80s.

  • At a press conference, Health Minister Greg Hunt insisted the website had not been rushed and was always scheduled to be launched on Wednesday.

  • There are a lot of moving parts here…

  • FYI the vaccine booking website – accessed via the Department of Health’s eligibility tool

Instagram Creeps Blocked

Instagram rolling out message restrictions to protect young users

  • Instagram now bans adults from messaging teenagers who don’t follow them.

  • The app will also now show “safety prompts” to teens messaged by adults “exhibiting potentially suspicious behaviour,” offering options to report or block the users.

  • Instagram is going to give safety notices to teens making sure they know they can restrict, report, and block users.

  • The prompt also gives reminders that say “Don’t feel pressured to respond,” “Only share with people you trust,” and “Your safety comes first.”

Amazon’s newest robot cathedral 

  • Amazon is building a colossal warehouse in Sydney’s West and it is ready for the robots to move in.

  • The fulfillment centre will be Amazon’s biggest in the southern hemisphere, covering 200,000 square metres over four levels, it is the size of 24 football fields.

  • It will be Amazon’s fifth fulfilment centre in Australia, but the first one with the really good robots.

  •  The robots basically do all the heavy lifting and moving the inventory inside the building, and the humans do the picking and the packing.

  • Expected to be completed for the Black Friday sales in November, and will house 11 million items.

  • Is this enough for Amazon to go from quietly competing to absolutely crushing retail in Australia?

Wikipedia Is Finally Asking Big Tech to Pay Up

  • For years now, Wikipedia has made freely available a snapshot of everything that appears on the site every two weeks—a so-called “data dump” for users

  • Today, the Wikimedia Foundation, which operates the Wikipedia project in more than 300 languages as well as other wiki-projects, is announcing the launch of a commercial product, Wikimedia Enterprise.

  • The new service is designed for the sale and efficient delivery of Wikipedia’s content directly to these online behemoths (and eventually, to smaller companies too).

  • seeking the reaction of Wikipedia’s thousands of volunteers. Agreements with the firms could be reached as soon as June. the Wikipedia movement, which has proudly stood by its early Internet idealism, is wrestling with how much to cater to the needs of the commercial giants

  • IMDB was started as a user generated site, that sold to Amazon and angered its contributors, back in the day