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Welcome to The Helpdesk for Tuesday, March 23.

The evidence is mounting that Twitter will be adding an “undo tweet” feature. The ability to take back tweets has also shown up on a survey asking Twitter users about features they’d be willing to pay for, as well as in the code for the app, and CNET received confirmation today from Twitter that it is, in fact, being tested.

More Twitter news: the company sent out a survey to random users asking if leaders should face more, less, or the same amount of scrutiny as other accounts and if it’s okay for the platform to ban a sitting president or prime minister. 

Apple has announced the executives that it wants to take the stand in the case against Epic, and the lineup is, well, Epic. Plus take a trip into Apple’s history… 

Venture capital company Spark Capital decided to sever ties with Dispo, the app it just gave a truckload of cash to.